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A good question for dog owners - Do you realize what you're feeding your dog? What about your cat? :stare:

Here you can see a bag of the dog food brand Beneful, with a oddly colored German Shepherd Dog tilting his head in curiosity / confusion, and a bowl of what is supposed to be bone meal, ground corn and corn syrup, which are all prime ingredients in brands like Beneful, Iams and Pedigree and the like.

I have a long ass list of educational drawings / paintings & comics I want to complete in effort to raise awareness on certain pet / dog / cat / animal related issues that many people have no knowledge of; a very long list.

Anyway, let's talk commercial dog and cat food...

Your dog or cat cannot read the ingredients on its pet food bag, but you can!

Let's look at the first few ingredients of Beneful, a seemingly healthy and well known brand of commercial dog kibble; Ground yellow corn, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal...
Oh, the list goes on, only to include more ingredients that are rejected for use in the human food chain because they simply are not fit for human consumption. So, where is the meat? "Chicken by-product meal", that's the meat? For a more in depth explanation and thorough review on brands similar to Beneful, see - Dog Food Analysis - FULL IN DEPTH Review on Beneful

It is important to understand that just because your veterinarian recommends or pushes a certain commercial brand or "prescription diet", such as Hill's Science Diet, onto you does not mean that said brand / diet is actually healthy or beneficial, and these diets certainly do not contain any special ingredients formulated to improve your pet' health in any way. o Precription Diets Recommended by Your Vet ; Get the Facts!

o Dog Food Analysis contains in depth reviews analyzing different commercial dog kibble and canned food, commercial brands are categorized by star rating from 6 stars all the way down to 1 star - because unfortunately, as much as they'd like to, they cannot go any lower than that! Dogfoodanalysis reviews each brand / formula, discussing the quality properties and details of each of the main ingredients that the formula most consists of and if the reviewer would recommend that particular brand. These reviews make it easy for dog owners to understand why some ingredients are of low grade and may be unnecessary and not beneficial to their pet's health; please take a gander at this website, find the band of dog food of your choice and read the reviews on that formula and its ingredients, you may be surprized by what you will learn!

See the following resources below...
o The Nitty Gritty Details About Pet Food Article by one of #stopBSL's awesome contributors, ~xxshaelxx
o 6 Star Premium Kibble | 5 Star Premium Kibble | 4 Star Premium Kibble
o Dog Food Advisor
o Raw Food Resources @ Dog Aware | o BARF World - Biologically Appropriate Raw Food
o Dog Aware - Diet & Health Information | o Commercial Foods @ Dog Aware
o BHA, BHT, and Ethoxyquin @ Flint River Ranch
o What's Really in Pet Foods | o The Turth About Commercial Pet Foods
o The Truth About Dry Cat Food

If you do not see your pet's brand of food included in either of the lists below, please check out DFA's Reviews by typing in your pet's food brand in the search bar to find any reviews written on it; the review will include details about all the main ingredients, their quality and benefits, and the brand will be awarded with a star from 1 to 6, and the reviewer will state if they recommend the brand or not.

Recommded Commcercial Pet Food Brands:
Innova & EVO, Wellness & CORE, Merrick & Before Grain, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul, Blue Buffalo & Blue Wilderness, Acana, Orijen, California Natural, Instinct, Solid Gold, Taste of the Wild, Timberwolf Organics, Canidae & Felidae, Fromm, Nature's Logic, Back to Basics, Nature's Variety, By Nature, Natural Balance, Halo, Wysong, Holistic Select, raw diet / BARF

The above high quality commercial pet foods can only be found at pet specialty stores and feed stores, including Tractor Supply. These brands are not available at grocery or department stores like WalMart or Target, in fact, those stores only carry the poor quality / low grade commercial pet foods that you should avoid. Understand that the list is not complete, I may have missed a few.

What is the best brand of dog food? There is no best, every dog is different as an individual, some brands work well for some dogs while others simply do not, what brand is best is whichever one works best for your own dog.

Commcercial Pet Food Brands to AVOID:
Ol Roy, Pedigree, Royal Canin, 1st Choice, Hill's & Science Diet, Diamond, Friskies, Meow Mix, Purina & Pro Plan, Shep, Beneful, Ever Pet, AvoDerm, Genesis, Alpo, Pet Promise, Iams & Eukanuba, Kibbles n Bits, Mighty Dog, Good Life Recipe, Whiskas, 9 Lives, Bil Jac, Cesar, Blackwood, Nutro, Authority, Nature's Best, Gravy Train, Rachael Ray, VF Veterinarian Formulated Complete, Fancy Feast, Black Gold; list could go on, including "breed-specific" diets & any "prescription diets"

The above brands of pet foods contain anything from unnamed meat sources / unnamed meat by product, bone meal, ground corn, beet pulp, brewers rice, artificial / chemical preservatives, artificial flavors & food dyes, and other ingredients which are rejected from use in the human food chain as they are not fit (or safe) for human consumption, as well as countless other ingredients that dogs and cats do not need in their diet. Chemical preservatives used in these pet foods, such as Ethoxyquin, is classified as a pesticide and is banned from being used in human foods. Understand that the list is not complete, I may have missed a few.

Take note that when you feed a high quality of food, you find that your pet needs to eat much less than what the brand recommends as feeding instructions; feeding a high quality diet can save you money in the long run by improving your pet's health and overall physical fitness decreasing the frequency of visits to the veterinarian and need for medications for common ailments such as upset stomach, diarrhea, and even join troubles and arthritis. If you can, please consider switching your dog or cat food brand to a high quality brand. Low quality brands recommend feeding your dogs two or three or even four times as much as what the dog really needs. No matter what brand you feed your pet, it is best to not follow the feeding guidelines / instructions, but instead to feed your dog as you feel fits him / her best. Just as an example - Beneful Playful Life kibble instructs a feeding of 2 1/2 to 3 1/4 for a dog of just 50 lbs exactly with no range between this weight and another, the instructions increase the serving amount by each single pound; Wellness Complete Health kibble instructs feeding 2 to 2 1/2 cups for a dog weighing anywhere between 46 to 65 lbs and increases the amount of recommended feeding by only a little bit per each weight range. Again, do not follow the feeding guidelines exactly, feed your dog the way you see fit.

Do not feel like a bad pet owner if you are feeding your dog or cat any of the "To Avoid" brands like Ol Roy or Iams, because you are not a bad pet owner! Unfortunately, higher quality brands like Solid Gold, Innova, Blue Wilderness and Wellness CORE are rather pricey and their price ranges are well out of reach for some dog owners, so do not be disappointed in your self if you find that you are unable to upgrade your pet's quality of food. Some of the best, most devoted dog owners I know, some of which are members of DeviantaART, feed their dog low quality brands due to unfortunate circumstances. Sometimes, loving your dog and providing it with a good home is what matters the most.

All hand drawn with minor mixed media additions, including the Beneful bag; took too goddamn long, fuck. First time trying to draw fur, even though it is quite sloppy and the colors look rather unnatural - so please do not comment on its horrific coat color and markings, damn it :nuu: - [ Actually maybe I will rework the GSD's coat colors / patterns sometime! ]

Wacom Intuos 4 & Photoshop Elements 9



My images are NOT stock, they are to me and are for my use only. Please do NOT save these images to your computer, do NOT alter, redistribute, reproduce or use in any way without my permission. Thank you.
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